Driveway Sealing

Your blacktop driveway faces a constant battle against the elements. Sun, rain, and even de-icing salts can break down the asphalt over time. Resealing your driveway with a fresh coat of sealant is crucial for its longevity and beauty.

This protective layer acts like a shield, deflecting the sun's harmful UV rays that dry out and crack the asphalt. It also repels water, preventing it from seeping into small cracks and causing them to expand during freeze-thaw cycles. This keeps your driveway from developing potholes and major cracks that require expensive repairs.

Resealing also protects your driveway from everyday wear and tear, like oil spills and gasoline drippings from your car. Not only does this prevent stains, but it also stops these chemicals from breaking down the asphalt binder that holds everything together. With regular resealing, you'll maintain a smooth, attractive driveway that adds curb appeal to your home, all while saving money on repairs down the road.

HandyMark Home Improvement Services can get your driveway back to looking like new. We fill cracks, remove penetrating grasses, powerwash and then add a latex-based sealer to protect the asphalt and boost your curb appeal!

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