Flooring Options

Selecting the perfect flooring for your home goes beyond aesthetics. Each type offers unique advantages and drawbacks, making it crucial to consider factors like durability, maintenance, and water resistance based on the room's function. Here's a glimpse into some popular options:


· Hardwood: Classic and timeless, hardwood exudes elegance and boasts superior durability. However, it requires regular maintenance and can be susceptible to moisture damage.

· Stone: Offering unmatched sturdiness and a luxurious feel, stone comes in various types like granite, marble, and slate. Keep in mind that it can be cold underfoot and susceptible to etching from acidic spills.


· Engineered wood: Combining the beauty of real wood with enhanced moisture resistance, engineered wood offers a practical alternative to solid hardwood. It's generally less expensive and easier to maintain.

· Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): Providing the realistic look of wood or stone at a lower cost, LVT is water-resistant, easy to maintain, and comfortable underfoot. However, it may not be as durable as some other options.


· Laminate: Budget-friendly and easy to install, laminate offers a variety of wood or stone looks. However, it can be susceptible to water damage and may not last as long as other options.

· Tile: Available in ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone, tile is highly durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. It can be cold underfoot and is a harder surface compared to other options.

Ultimately, the best flooring choice hinges on your budget, lifestyle, and the specific needs of each room in your home.

Recently we installed waterproof LVP in a condo kitchen in Arlington; ceramic tile in a bathroom in Fairfax; laid stone in an Ashburn backyard; installed laminate in a commercial building in Falls Church. HandyMark Home Improvement Services has the experience to help you upgrade your floors. Give us a call to get started.

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