Spring is Hot Water Heater Season

Think of your water heater as a hardworking hero behind the scenes, quietly providing steaming showers and clean dishes. But just like any hero, it needs care! Regular maintenance keeps it running smoothly and saves you money in the long run.

The Essentials:

  1. Flush the tank: Once a year, drain sediment that hinders efficiency.
  2. Check the anode rod: This sacrificial hero attracts rust, saving your tank. Replace it when worn down.
  3. Tame the temperature: Lowering it to 120°F saves energy and reduces scalding risk.
  4. Inspect for leaks: Look for drips or dampness around the base. Catch small leaks early!
  5. Insulate exposed pipes: Wrap them in jackets to retain heat and save energy.

By giving your water heater a little TLC, you'll enjoy reliable hot water and avoid costly surprises. Remember, prevention is key! HandyMark is Northern Virginia’s fastest growing water heater servicer.

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